OVTP’s Salyers responds to Pres. Obama’s latest budget

“Absolutely irresponsible.”

That was the reaction by Ohio Valley Tea Party Chairman Tanner Salyers when asked what he personally thought of President Obama’s latest budget proposal to congress.

“This country is in an unprecedented fiscal crisis, with growing government, a shrinking labor force, stagnant job growth, and the buying power of the dollar weakening seemingly daily. We are spending more than we bring in, we are showing economic weakness and still, this president keeps using the same old tired ideas and foolish logic of thinking that we can spend our way out of debt.”

Salyers went on to note specifics in the budget that he finds particularly alarming.

“You’re looking at a 744 billion dollar deficit in this budget alone. This coming from the man who said when he was elected in 2008 that running such high deficits was ‘unpatriotic’ and that his goal was to at least cut the trillion-dollar deficits in half.”

Chairman Salyers pointed out that while the deficit has reduced from past years, he made it clear that he felt it was not enough.

“Are we running a trillion plus deficit like the past several years? No. Is that because of good fiscal decisions? Not even.”

He continued, “You’re still looking at a 744 billion dollar deficit and adding that to an already exploding national debt of nearly 17 trillion, paired with 580 billion in new taxes on the American people. And where were the cuts we were promised? Where did we show this faux fiscal restraint? By cutting medicare, and terrifying and turning away cancer patients, cutting the military and benefits for our men and women in uniform, and cutting White House tours for school children, while we have lavish parties with Lady Gaga and Justin Timberlake going on, all on the federal dime. A total of 200 billion in cuts, does not even make a dent.”

Salyers concluded by saying that Americans must get involved in the political process and “champion first principles.”

“Americans must right the ship. We cannot continue on this downward spiral of debt and government growth. We have to demand fiscal responsibility and champion first principles, we have to fight for free markets and balanced budgets. We need an economy where the individual can pick himself up by the bootstraps and make something of himself, and create jobs and prosperity for our nation. This isn’t a Democrat thing, or a Republican thing, this is an American thing, and we Americans  must stand up and say enough is enough.”


OVTP Chairman: “This is what people can expect of OVTP”

Ohio Valley Tea Party Chairman Tanner Salyers thanked those who came out to the community cleanup in New Boston, OH on Saturday, March 30th to participate in the Reclaim 2013 project..

Salyers had this to say about the event:

“It went terrifically well and we made a noticeable impact in the section we were working on. This is what people can expect out of the OVTP, hands on activism and a prominent, positive public image. We are working to further conservative ideals and community self-reliance, and on Saturday we made our first step in that direction with our first community project.”

The Ohio Valley Tea Party’s first public meeting will be held in May. More details will be announced in the coming weeks, stay posted to, follow us on twitter at @TheOVTP or get involved and like us on Facebook! Bussa

Pictured above are OVTP Treasurer Rick Hickman, Justin Bussa, OVTP Executive Director James Bussa, and Mina Bussa during the Reclaim 2013 cleanup Saturday, March 30 in New Boston, OH.

OVTP takes active role with coummunity cleanup in Portsmouth

Saturday, March 30th, at 1pm the Ohio Valley Tea Party will be partnering with several other local groups in an effort to cleanup and “reclaim” Portsmouth.

The Scioto County Health Coalition has organized the first of a potentially annual event, which it is calling “Reclaim 2013.”

The Scioto County Health Coalition was formed several months back by local and state elected leaders along with local healthcare providers to improve collaboration and the overall health of Scioto County.  Scioto County ranks 87 or 88 out of 88 counties in Ohio on most health indicators published by the state.  The Health Coalition has several subcommittees one of which is the ‘Community Initiatives’ subcommittee that is tasked with improving the appearance of Scioto County via community service projects, “Reclaim 2013” being one of them.

OVTP Executive Director, James Bussa commented on the project, “This is good on several levels. We want people to see us, as a group, out there in the community, playing an active role and taking a part in positive change, and of course Portsmouth, as any city, could always use a good cleanup.”

Anyone interested in joining the Tea Party in the Reclaim 2013 prjoect can meet at the SOMC Life Center at 1pm on Saturday, March 30th!


OVTP Chairman Responds to Same Sex Marriage Issue

In the wake of the Supreme Court oral arguments on the issue of same-sex marriage, the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), and California’s Recent Proposition 8, which recognized marriage as being between a man and a woman specifically in California, Ohio Valley Tea Party (OVTP) Chairman Tanner Salyers reiterates that the OVTP does not take a stance on social issues.


We here at the Ohio Valley Tea Party have Five Pillars that we focus on and social issues don’t find themselves on our priority list.

Salyers continued on to say that the OVTP focuses exclusively on issues directly related to the Five Pillars of the OVTP..

“We have our priorities, and social issues, while important, aren’t what we are about. We urge everyone to educate themselves on the different issues and find where they stand.”

Salyers went on to welcome people of all opinions into the Tea Party, “The OVTP is big tent. We welcome all ideas and opinions. At the end of the day we focus mostly on fiscal issues or policy issues. Everyone pays too much in taxes and too many elements of our lives are controlled by an excessively large government, and we want that to change. That’s why we are here, that’s what we do.”

Sen. Rand Paul ignites Conservative blaze at CPAC, Wins Straw Poll

Tea Party firebrand Kentucky Senator Rand Paul rallied the conservative base at this year’s Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC)

Aside from being one of the most well received speeches, Sen. Paul also won the annual straw poll conducted during the conference. The CPAC straw poll has always been an important gauge in determining  the direction of the Conservative movement and rising stars on the national scale.

Roughly 3,000 grassroots activists from across the county voted in this year’s poll,  and Rand Paul led the group with 25% of the vote, followed closely behind by Florida Senator Marco Rubio who garnered 23%.

Other potential candidates who had relatively decent showings in the poll were former Senator Rick Santorum who pulled 8%, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie with 7% and Rep. Paul Ryan with 6%.

Arguably, the most  notable of the results were the write-ins which collectively made up an astounding 16%…

While Paul and Rubio enjoy a strong base of support and momentum, several other candidates are within striking distance and with the lack of consensus many think Conservatives could find themselves locked in another contentious Republican Primary battle come 2016.

Time will tell, and there is plenty of time.

“Salyers takes lead on revamped OVTP”

“It’s pretty simple really. Our nation is at another one of those ‘times for chosing’ and now more than ever, it appears that the options are Liberty or Tyranny.”


With those thoughts in mind, Franklin Furnace native Tanner Salyers, two term member and former Deputy Chairman of the Scioto County Republican Central Committee, has taken the reigns of the Ohio Valley Tea Party.

“A few of us sat down and talked with Carol Caudill, the former Chairwoman, and we decided that Conservatives in the Ohio Valley needed a strictly conservative, nonpartisan group that would create new avenues of opportunity for education and political action.” Salyers said as he highlighted some of the ideas and new approaches the Tea Party will be looking at in the upcoming months.

Advocacy training, nationally recognized speakers, issue based educational series, were a few of the things Salyers said the group would be focusing on.

“We’re taking a more visible, hands-on approach to Conservative political action.”

When asked if the Tea Party had any plans to have candidates of its own or get involved with political races, Salyers had this to say:

“We are not here to compete with any party, nor are we here to be a party unto ourselves. We are here to send conservatives into the GOP and the Democratic party and restore the Traditional Constitutional values that  transcend party lines and unite all Americans. We are simply tired of wasteful spending and expansive government on all levels and we want our elected officials to know we won’t stand for it.”


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