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“Salyers takes lead on revamped OVTP”

“It’s pretty simple really. Our nation is at another one of those ‘times for chosing’ and now more than ever, it appears that the options are Liberty or Tyranny.”


With those thoughts in mind, Franklin Furnace native Tanner Salyers, two term member and former Deputy Chairman of the Scioto County Republican Central Committee, has taken the reigns of the Ohio Valley Tea Party.

“A few of us sat down and talked with Carol Caudill, the former Chairwoman, and we decided that Conservatives in the Ohio Valley needed a strictly conservative, nonpartisan group that would create new avenues of opportunity for education and political action.” Salyers said as he highlighted some of the ideas and new approaches the Tea Party will be looking at in the upcoming months.

Advocacy training, nationally recognized speakers, issue based educational series, were a few of the things Salyers said the group would be focusing on.

“We’re taking a more visible, hands-on approach to Conservative political action.”

When asked if the Tea Party had any plans to have candidates of its own or get involved with political races, Salyers had this to say:

“We are not here to compete with any party, nor are we here to be a party unto ourselves. We are here to send conservatives into the GOP and the Democratic party and restore the Traditional Constitutional values that  transcend party lines and unite all Americans. We are simply tired of wasteful spending and expansive government on all levels and we want our elected officials to know we won’t stand for it.”



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