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Sen. Rand Paul ignites Conservative blaze at CPAC, Wins Straw Poll

Tea Party firebrand Kentucky Senator Rand Paul rallied the conservative base at this year’s Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC)

Aside from being one of the most well received speeches, Sen. Paul also won the annual straw poll conducted during the conference. The CPAC straw poll has always been an important gauge in determining  the direction of the Conservative movement and rising stars on the national scale.

Roughly 3,000 grassroots activists from across the county voted in this year’s poll,  and Rand Paul led the group with 25% of the vote, followed closely behind by Florida Senator Marco Rubio who garnered 23%.

Other potential candidates who had relatively decent showings in the poll were former Senator Rick Santorum who pulled 8%, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie with 7% and Rep. Paul Ryan with 6%.

Arguably, the most  notable of the results were the write-ins which collectively made up an astounding 16%…

While Paul and Rubio enjoy a strong base of support and momentum, several other candidates are within striking distance and with the lack of consensus many think Conservatives could find themselves locked in another contentious Republican Primary battle come 2016.

Time will tell, and there is plenty of time.


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