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OVTP takes active role with coummunity cleanup in Portsmouth

Saturday, March 30th, at 1pm the Ohio Valley Tea Party will be partnering with several other local groups in an effort to cleanup and “reclaim” Portsmouth.

The Scioto County Health Coalition has organized the first of a potentially annual event, which it is calling “Reclaim 2013.”

The Scioto County Health Coalition was formed several months back by local and state elected leaders along with local healthcare providers to improve collaboration and the overall health of Scioto County.  Scioto County ranks 87 or 88 out of 88 counties in Ohio on most health indicators published by the state.  The Health Coalition has several subcommittees one of which is the ‘Community Initiatives’ subcommittee that is tasked with improving the appearance of Scioto County via community service projects, “Reclaim 2013” being one of them.

OVTP Executive Director, James Bussa commented on the project, “This is good on several levels. We want people to see us, as a group, out there in the community, playing an active role and taking a part in positive change, and of course Portsmouth, as any city, could always use a good cleanup.”

Anyone interested in joining the Tea Party in the Reclaim 2013 prjoect can meet at the SOMC Life Center at 1pm on Saturday, March 30th!



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